If Not For Grace is a non-profit organization that ministers to men, women and families who have been wounded by abortion.

Our key purpose is to bring individuals and families into a restored relationship with God, others, and their babies. They must also develop a healthy acceptance of themselves.

If Not For Grace identifies with and embraces the restorative power of forgiveness in the lives of women and families wounded by abortion. 

This vision directly impacts our classes, one-on-one support and Reconciliation Weekend. Instead of focusing on the consequences of abortion, we focus on helping women and families live abundantly through forgiveness and healing.

For many, abortion is a painful choice. At times, it seems the only logical option. Some women feel pressured. Others freely choose. Regardless of the experience, the symptoms are unavoidable: shame, unforgiveness, loss, grief.

The ministry of INFG is compassionate, caring and completely confidential. 


Since 1973, over 58 million babies have been lost to abortion, leaving millions of men and women wounded by that choice.

At least half of American women will experience an unintended pregnancy by age 45, and, at current rates, about one-third will have an abortion. Of these post-abortive women, 47% have had at least one previous abortion.

The Challenge
That means 1 in 3 women need a safe, confidential place to share the pain and loss abortion has caused in their lives.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide opportunities for restoration to the abortion-wounded.

Our Method

  • Offer Christ-centered peer-facilitated classes, retreats, and support for women, men and families.
  • Provide education regarding the social, spiritual, physical, and emotional effects of abortion.
  • Raise awareness about the need and availability of healing.
  • Train church leaders, crisis pregnancy resource centers and medical and counseling professionals to provide services that facilitate healing.

Our Vision
To enable abortion-wounded men, women, and families to live authentic, abundant lives; mobilizing them for Kingdom expanding work.

Why We Exist
We are an abortion recovery ministry.

Where the efforts of other life-affirming ministries results in saving babies and helping women in the decision-making process, If Not For Grace Ministries helps those who have already experienced abortion. Abortion causes a destructive ripple that touches not only the baby, but the parents, family members, friends, churches and communities. If Not For Grace is on the front line, raising awareness that healing from abortion is both necessary and possible.

If Not For Grace is spreading the message that forgiveness and healing await the walking-wounded. Authentic, abundant living is within reach. Whether you are 16 or 70, all are welcome. Some seek help six months after their abortion, while others wait 35 years. Even if abortion ended today, the need for If Not For Grace Ministries would exist for decades to come.  

If Not For Grace is spreading the message that forgiveness and healing await the walking-wounded among us. Authentic, abundant living is within reach.

If Not For Grace is an independent ministry not operating under the umbrella of a pregnancy resource center or specific denomination.  This attracts believers and non-believers with a variety of spiritual and religious backgrounds.  However, we do partner with many other life-affirming ministries in our area and nationwide in order to bring awareness to the fact that abortion recovery is available. Classes are held in several partnering churches throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area and also Warsaw, Mo., allowing participants to be served in their own communities. Over the years, If Not For Grace Ministries has experienced exponential growth, serving hundreds of women, men, and families.

If Not For Grace provides mentoring, coaching, resources, and support to all participants. We also offer training to those who exhibit dedication to our mission. In turn, they move from recipient to grace-giver, freeing fellow captives from prison and darkness. If Not For Grace equips other like-minded individuals and organizations to provide help to the abortion wounded in their spheres of influence. 

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