Reconciliation Weekend

Reconciliation Weekend is a three-day, two-night retreat held at a beautiful bed and breakfast, where abortion-wounded women and men will experience unconditional love, grace and forgiveness. Through the support of trained facilitators, men and women will be able to reconcile with God, themselves, others, and their children lost to abortion.

The power-packed, focused retreat allows time to advance the healing journey. Scripture, music, drama and creative expression are utilized in groups and individual time to assist in the process of dismantling all the walls that keeps the abortion-wounded in bondage.

Permission is afforded to grieve the lost child or children and work through the shame of the regretted choice to abort. The retreat concludes with a special memorial service where participants are given an opportunity to acknowledge and honor their child(ren), in the beauty of forgiveness and reconciliation.  

Spring, summer and fall weekends are available.

β€œThe number one problem in our world is alienation . . . But Christ came to bring about reconciliation and peace.”
— Rev. Billy Graham

Future Retreats

  • If you are interested in our 2019 retreats, please contact Director of Ministry Services, Melissa Williams, at or 816.847.2911.