God is calling Jama to a new adventure


God bless you Jama!

Today, God is calling Jama to a new adventure! We are sad to see Jama go, but we are blessing Jama as she leaves as a staff member at If Not For Grace Ministries.

As she reflected on her roles with INFG, she noted that God’s faithful guidance transitioned her being the first employee hired after the Founder, Lori Driggs, to serving as the Director of Ministry Services, then to Her Choice to Heal Coordinator. In the past months her desires to train and prepare others grew. These incremental yet gradual changes, coupled with the family needs in this season of life, moved her to make this decision. God was in each assignment shift and He is present as she makes this next step.

Jama Reflects

“I remember telling God in a prayer, I didn’t want the life of my child lost to abortion to count for nothing. I wanted to use my story in a way that would benefit others and glorify Him. There I was a decade later serving in a ministry that serves the abortion-wounded.”

Jama’s  decision to move forward was also preceded by much prayer.

In addition to becoming more available to serve her parents and her grandchildren, she and husband Jeff feel an increasing call to use their homestead as a place of ministry. All of these themes were pointing Jama to move in this new direction. To be clear, she is not leaving INFG. She is simply leaving her staff role.

“I still have a passion to facilitate classes and come alongside women in their healing journey, as well as helping leaders with training and preparing them to serve.”

Heather Wilde and Sue Lowden have worked with Jama for some time now and will be volunteering as the Participant Care and HCTh Class Coordinator respectively.

“This cause is very important to me because there are so many women and men who need hope, dear ones who need to feel loved and not judged.  I know what God did in my life and want others to receive the same.”

It's been my privilege over these eight years to share the message of hope with women, and serve alongside so many wonderful people to see this journey of hope fulfilled.

Beginning June 1st, please direct questions and emails to Heather Wilde (Hwilde@infg.org) and Sue Lowden (slowden@infg.org)