September 2019 Prayer Requests

Thank you for keeping INFG and its prayer needs before the Throne of Grace.  We are so privileged to have a group of people who decided that the healing of abortion-wounded women, men and families is so important to them that they would commit to praying for us monthly. 



As shepherds, we long to reach the 1 in 3 women who have had an abortion. And more specifically, we wish be a safe haven for those abortion-wounded who are in the Kansas City.

  • Father, we ask that you stir the hearts of the abortion-wounded in the Kansas City area. Please bring twelve women to us for the month of September. Out of that, we hope that at least five will participate in the class, according to your will.

We long for any abortion-wounded women and men not be be lost.

  • Father, please guide the abortion-wounded to our door, so that we can shepherd them to your Word. May they hear about us through a personal connection and through our social media. Lord, please open up supernatural connections.

So He told them this parable, saying, "What man among you, if he has a hundred sheep and has lost one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the open pasture and go after the one which is lost until he finds it?  —Luke 15:3-7


Pray for the upcoming September class. 

  • Father, will you provide stamina and endurance for each woman to complete the heart work and attend each class? We pray that you will protect her from the darts the enemy would throw at them. And also, for those who will be starting class in September.

  • Lord, will you prepare the hearts of each participant to  allow the deep healing You alone can bring about in her life?  And, Lord, will you make this healing visible to all around her. May this be something that reflects Your love in and through her. 

He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the LORD and put their trust in him. —Psalm 40:3

Prayers for Her Choice to Heal Team.

  • Dear God, Bless Sue and Heather as they work together on all things HCTH.  Bless their giftedness and give them favor as they talk with women who complete the intake form as well as church leaders who are considering a HCTH class.

  • Please pray for God’s leading and blessing to expand HCTH classes. Heather had an opportunity to speak at Ft. Leonard Wood. There is potential to kick start a HCTH class down there.

  • God, will you bring the women you desire to our website? Help them see they are not alone. Lord, will you open doors at churches to host classes. And, draw the women who you want to facilitate these classes to us.

  • Lord, will you provide at least 5 facilitators? Will you provide abundantly, according to your will, women who have gone through the class, and have a desire to help others?

  • God, will you please protect our facilitators as they start the September class? Give them wisdom and insight to speak God’s love into the participants.

  • God will you give the women starting the class a peace and assurance they are in the right place? Please do not let their fear overcome. Make sure they have the supplies they need, the childcare they need in order to commit to the class.

Continue to pray….

  • Pray for God to open the doors for 60 women to discover If Not For Grace Ministries this year.

  • Ask and thank God for His guidance as we explore a variety of ways to open a door to women who struggle with the pain of an abortion.

  • Pray for pastors as they prepare messages of hope and grace to their congregations.


Our next Reconciliation Weekend will be in November.

  • Pray that all those in the September class will be available to attend. That God will provide all their costs/fees supernaturally. That He will protect that sacred time.

  • Pray for available volunteers, that their calendars will be open for that weekend.

  • Give Paige your insight and strength to plan and pull the team together to serve the women you draw. She especially needs discernment and wisdom with finding a facility that will hold everyone.


  • Pray for our next bible study, Boundaries, which will run September through October. Pray that God will free up any conflicting commitments for those who will be coming.

Community Awareness

  • Father, please expand our Community Awareness team? We need volunteers to connect INFG to the community.

  • Father will you continue to give Mary insight and wisdom, as she reaches out to our church community to bring awareness of INFG to our metro churches? Give her your divine appointments to meet those who are willing to open their Grace-filled doors to the abortion-wounded.


Our upcoming SAVOR event is scheduled for September, 12th!

  • Praise be to God! Our SAVOR event is well on its way to being underwritten. We have been getting steady pledges and donations coming in.

  • Praise be to God! Waypoint Coffee and Supply Event Rentals have kindly offered in-kind donations for the event.

  • Father, we ask, will you fully provide abundantly? That our event would be fully funded by our underwriters and sponsors?

  • Father will you stir the hearts, so that we would have 100+ attendees? And our fellowship tables will be full? :)

  • Father, will you provide a team of volunteers to call invitees in August to see if they are planning on coming?

  • Father, will you provide for one more person to give a live testimony about how she has been impacted by the ministry?

  • Father, will you provide for continued creativity and ideas about how to make the event really special (even with a limited budget)?

  • Father, we ask you to be pleased and to receive all the glory for the money that will be raised that evening. Lord, we want each one to see your goodness in their lives and the ministry of INFG.

  • Lord, we know you care about us so we know you care about what concerns us. We ask you for beautiful weather for this outdoor event. We pray that it would be in the 70s, with a gentle breeze. Thank you Lord!

  • Lord will you bless each one who sacrificially gives to support the work of INFG? Father, will you sustain our donors by your grace and give them your peace and strength.

Healing needed

  • God, will you please heal and bring peace to those who are struggling with illness and life transitions? Please lift up Anne, Rick, Michelle,Stephanie, Jim, Terri, Jacque's husband, Vicki, Mary, Mary’s fosters, Linda & Scott, Vicki’s sister? You Father are the almighty! And we trust you in these difficult moments.