February 2019 Prayer Requests

Thank you for keeping INFG and its prayer needs before the Throne of Grace.  We are so privileged to have a group of people who decided that the healing of abortion-wounded women, men and families is so important to them that they would commit to praying for us monthly. 


Prayer for those we love:

Dolly, Mary Wilson’s Mother.  Pray that her body is relieved of the pain that is affecting her ability to walk.  Pray that the right treatment is found and that surgery will not have to take place.

Vicki Merriott and her husband as they travel over the highways for an extended vacation with family and friends.  Pray for their safety there and back and for great memories to be made with their loved ones.

Melissa Williams, as she begins serving in a new capacity away from INFG.  She will always be praying for INFG and the participants and cherishes her time as the DMS.

Prayer for those seeking:

With all the discussion about the recent laws concerning the legalization of abortion up to the moment of birth, many abortion-wounded women are being emotionally triggered and are looking for help. Pray for the Lord to lead them to INFG and give them the courage to begin the journey of healing.

Pray that the Lord will provide compassionate, grace-filled healed abortion-wounded women to help with intake meetings when they reach out for help.

For all the MINISTRies

God is doing a new thing in 2019! We are asking God to take our “five-loaves-and-two-fish” efforts and multiply it in ways we can’t even imagine for 2019. We are asking the Lord of the Harvest, to send forth laborers and provision to fulfill this God-driven expansion. (Matthew 9:38). This is God’s work and He’s going to do it.

  • Ask the Lord to bring his understanding of our theme and verse to each woman who engages with us. Col. 3:12-14

  • Pray for God to open the doors for 60 women to discover If Not For Grace Ministries this year.

  • Ask and thank God for His guidance as we explore a variety of ways to open a door to women who struggle with the pain of an abortion.

  • Pray for open doors with pastors and church leaders. And, pray for pastors as they prepare message of hope and grace to their congregations.

Her Choice to Heal Ministry

  • God will remove the shackles from the women who are currently attending the HCTH class so that they will be able to receive His healing and restoration in their lives; walking in freedom, peace and joy.

  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will speak again to the hearts and minds of those who have reached out for help in the past, but never engaged in our services; that the Lord will open the floodgates so that compassionate, skilled, generous women will pour into our “doors” wanting to help the abortion-wounded and will find the place where He has called them to “love others.”

Reconciliation Weekend Ministry

  • For women who have not been to RW but have completed Her Choice to Heal classes to be encourage to continue their healing and want to attend the RW.  

  • For funding sources to help women pay for the weekend.  

  • For the staff as they communicate and prepare the reconciliation weekend and the confidence and faith in the Lord’s timing for all the pieces for the weekend to come together.

  • Specifically for Jana who is seeking renewed motivation and enthusiasm to work for the Lord in helping to set up the RW.


Pray for our next CONNECT Event, a paint party that our participants may take advantage of this opportunity to connect with other sisters in Christ in fellowship and have fun. Pray that we have good weather and that the ladies don't have any weather or other related inconveniences as they attend.

As we reach out to all of our previous participants, we ask God to pour a desire in them to know more and for them to engage in our NS bible studies and Connect events where they will find a community of support and love in their healing journey.

Volunteer and Prayer Departments

  • That God will see our volunteer needs and send the people whose gifts and talents fit our needs perfectly.

  • That our prayer warriors have their needs met and are in good health and prosper.