Imagine years of hiding secrets and pain, never speaking them aloud and believing that if you did, you would be rejected, loathed, ridiculed and condemned.

This is often the experience of the abortion-wounded.

If Not For Grace Ministries offers 10-week classes led by trained peer-facilitators for those struggling with the pain of abortion. This first step toward healing and freedom offers a confidential and supportive environment for groups or individuals in which discussion and personal application of biblical truths leads to spiritual and emotional freedom. Through the use of creative and artistic expression, journaling and Bible reading, participants work to overcome lies that bind them.

Facilitators are committed to:
     o Announce and impart grace to those feeling guilty and condemned.
     o Share love without judgment.
     o Guide in the steps of forgiveness using God’s Word.
     o Help strengthen in time of sorrow.
     o Provide hope and peace through the message of Christ.

Abortion recovery counseling is not a part of many pastoral or psychological programs. If Not For Grace provides healing opportunities for women referred to us by professional counselors and ministers.

Small classes of women are held throughout the Kansas City area (and in Warsaw, Mo.) and offer a safe, confidential environment. Sometimes God uses others' stories to unlock a memory that can be the key to progress. Or maybe they can offer an especially needed word of courage. This kind of support can't be found when we journey alone.

If you are interested in participating in our Her Choice to Heal class, please fill out both of the forms below. Thank you!


Heather Wilde & Sue Lowden
Her Choice to Heal Participant Care