Hi there my friend. I’ve been waiting for you.
Really, I have!

Since you made your way to this website, it could be that your heart and mind are wrestling with shame and guilt over having an abortion. You may be lacking peace, experiencing sadness or struggling with emotional pain. Let me encourage you: There is release from this struggle. You can walk in freedom and peace. There is hope and help.

You can be released from this struggle and walk in freedom and peace.

Since 2004, hundreds of women (and men) have courageously taken the step of reaching out, realizing that their secret of abortion has wounded their life and that they needed help. I have seen dramatic transformation occur as God has lovingly taken abortion-wounded people on a journey of healing and restoration. By participating in our Her Choice to Heal class, Reconciliation Weekend, and Next Steps, you too can experience God’s love and compassion in the midst of your pain and brokenness.

If you are one of the 1 in 3 women who have experienced abortion, I encourage you to contact me. I would love to share more about the opportunity for healing that awaits.
Jama Edlund
Her Choice to Heal Coordinator