An Unlikely Solution

(We are in the 10th month of diving deeper into Colossians 3:12-14. This October we reflect on Generosity.)

In our house on Hocker Avenue, Mom stored cereal in the cabinet above the stove. It held up to seven boxed varieties in various degrees of emptiness. I store spices and bottles of oil above my stove.  The current count is five comprised of olive, peanut, canola, Tuscan Herb infused olive and my personal favorite – coconut.   (Coconut is a must for preparing popcorn for movie nights with the grandsons.)    Not being a cook, most of these oils sit unused and occupying space one shelf below expiring sugar and flour bags.  I would never lock eyes on such a common, minimally useful item and see a life-saving solution.  

2 Kings 4 contains a treacherously dark chapter from the life-story of a widow.  I imagine she feverishly mulled over and culled out several options -- weighed on a mental scale juxtaposed by practicality, personal ethics and God’s will – as she mentally wracked her brain for a solution that would keep her two sons from slavery.  But, devoid of feasible ideas, she cried out to Elisha.  And suddenly, a flask of olive oil in the cupboard became the unlikely solution her generous God multiplied to meet her financial need, diverting a genuinely life-threatening predicament.

I relate to being a common bottle of oil.  I wonder in amazement at how God generously pours Himself into me -- causing me to be of use to building His Kingdom. 


And you my friend, however underprepared or ill-equipped you perceive yourself for the task, challenge, job, ministry, role, or need before you – are loved by a generous Father who looks at you and sees an unlikely solution.

Mindy Beyer selflessly serves as If Not for Grace's Board President. In her spare time, she can be found rooting for the Royals, entertaining the grandkids and reminiscing over her bucket-list trip to see the fall colors on the East Coast.


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