Freedom Clothes, August Devotional

We like our clothes to be comfortable and nice looking.

I thought I was wearing nice, Christ-like clothes each day. Sadly, I was really wearing the rags of shame, guilt, unworthiness and insecurity.

I was deceived that I was living my life clothed as one of God’s chosen people.My shame had connected itself to my soul.

My heart was tightly wrapped in guilt and unworthiness due to the abortion I had 28 years ago. I had lived with it so long that I had thought my clothes felt and looked great!

But when I became free of all those binding “clothes” I experienced a freedom like I had never before.

The transforming power of Christ changed me.

I was lighter as I walked, I stood taller, I looked others in the eye with confidence.

To be free of shame and guilt is freedom like no other. These “freedom clothes” with the label “In Christ” are beautiful! These clothes transformed me.

Jesus defeated sin and its ability to enslave me. I found I could be clothed as His chosen one, wrapped in His great love, accepted just as I was and forgiven for my past abortion.

If Not for Grace Ministries helps transform lives, to expose the rags many wear and to show what freedom really feels like... and it feels heavenly!

Jana Finch is our wonderful Reconciliation Weekend Administrator and Springfield Her Choice to Heal Facilitator.