"Forbearing one another", March 2019 Devotional

Occasionally I have been asked WHY I volunteer for a ministry that focuses on the abortion-wounded, when I have never experienced that particular pain or loss.

Part of the answer can be found in the admonition provided in Colossians 3:13, “forbearing one another" (KJV). 

According to Strong’s concordance, forbearing is much more than just tolerating someone else. It gives the word picture of holding oneself up against another. 

Placing myself in such proximity means that WE walk side by side, hip to hip, arms linked. I become intimately connected to you and I will love you more deeply.


If I love you, I will forgive you, protect you and pray for you… and more.

My role as a volunteer is simply to provide logistical, practical support to those who do the heart-to-heart ministry for the abortion-wounded. 

Even so, my ability to lighten their load, allows them to bear with the wounded more freely. It’s win-win!

My two years volunteering have really opened my eyes to the need for this ministry. 

Most pastors have not been specifically trained to counsel those afflicted with post abortion syndrome (which leads today's function of every description including drugs/alcohol, depression, etc.). 

Consequently, pastors get stuck dealing with the symptoms without addressing the cause. 

Statistics tell us that nearly 1 of 4 women has suffered through an abortion. Men often grieve, too. 

I often wonder how many people are sitting in a congregation, silently suffering, with no one to talk about their grief, loss or despair openly?


That’s when I ask, how could I NOT want to help? 


Vicki Merriott graciously keeps the INFG office team organized and in tip-top shape. She's not just a volunteer. She's a sister in Christ. She's simply incredible and we are proud to be able to work side-by-side with her.  She can also be found exploring and traveling the States with her beloved husband.