As God's "Chosen" People... Are we really chosen? June 2019 Devotional

Who?  Me?  Chosen?  Yeeeeaaah... right!?

It was easier for me to be angry, hidden under a cloak of righteous indignation, than to live as one of God’s chosen people, holy and “Dearly Loved”.

Prior to going through If Not for Grace’s “Her Choice to Heal” classes  and “Reconciliation Weekend” retreat, I was in total denial that my abortions affected me.

After all, I was this educated, strong African American woman who was made to conquer the world and any problems presented. (Note: I have since retired my super-hero cape.)

When I grasped the concept that I was “God’s chosen person”, I could no longer decide who deserves kindness and who doesn’t.

God did not do that to me especially, when I did not deserve it; and I wanted to walk like Jesus, as His disciple. I was “chosen”  to cloth myself in compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.


And I pray to be better at it each day.

And, by God’s grace, I moved from , “who me?” to “that’s me.” God drew me to spend time in prayer and studying God’s Word, the Bible. Most of my post-abortive symptoms are healed and they have little to no influence on me.  I have been marked for favor because of the blood shed for me through Christ Jesus.

This healing and wholeness can be yours. Start by entrusting your life to Christ. And, if you haven’t already, get connected with If Not For Grace Ministries. You will encounter women who have walked in your shoes and have discovered the rest and forgiveness He brings.

Melissa Williams

Melissa Williams, is a dear sister in Christ. She previously was a participant and has also served on staff as Director of Ministry Services. She also wrote our February Devotional which you can read here