INFG's 2019 Focus: A letter from the Executive Director

Dear faithful Friends, Volunteers and Donors,

In January, the INFG team spent a few days in prayer and conversation around where we believe God is directing us for this year. Our leadership retreat theme was “Love is an Open Door” carrying out the overall theme of “Dearly Loved”.

We explored ways to make INFG more accessible to women and asked the question, “How does the door to INFG welcome women?”

As a result of our prayer and thought, we committed to a laser focus, on the abortion wounded woman, who is longing for restoration and recovery. Here are a few highlights:

  • We want every woman to know she is welcome. This means that some women may come through our door without the knowledge or a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And, this means we are going to prepare ourselves and facilitators in ways to navigate conversations where women of varying faith experiences can learn and grow in their knowledge of Jesus, some for the very first time.

  • Because we want to see more women reached in 2019, we are committed to updating and strengthening our Facilitator training and the tool used at HCTH classes.

  • We are taking extra measures to connect with her via personalized contacts, events and fairs, and making our classes available in new ways, including piloting domestic and international online classes.

  • Our laser focus has also motivated us to examine ways to welcome her through the open door of Reconciliation Weekend. Women who have participated in a recovery class, such as Her Choice to Heal or another resource, will be invited to attend INFG’s Reconciliation Weekend to extend the healing and discover God is in this intimate setting.

  • Because ongoing connection within a community setting is pivotal to a woman’s healing journey, we will expand opportunities for Next Step Bible Studies through Bible-believing churches, including an easy to access online list of studies already offered by these partner churches.

  • Finally, we know that her connection with If Not For Grace readily occurs via social media, video, and our website, We aim to increase our efforts to make her aware of us. We want women to know that when they are ready to heal, we are here. This means we will feature restoration stories to reinforce that she is never alone. Not ever.

  • Of course, all of these efforts only happen with a strong foundation of Prayer and Listening to God. We are a team: Staff, volunteers, friends - people just like you who want to see more women healed from their past. We are in process of reigniting the Community Awareness Team and a Development Plan to fund these efforts.

Thank you for your ongoing love for If Not For Grace. And, thank you for giving your time, talent, and treasure. God sees all that you sacrificially give. God bless you, each one.

You are chosen, holy, and dearly loved by God,


Cheryl Lee Davis
Executive Director
If Not For Grace Ministries