As God's "Chosen" People... Are we really chosen? June 2019 Devotional

Who?  Me?  Chosen?  Yeeeeaaah... right!?

It was easier for me to be angry, hidden under a cloak of righteous indignation, than to live as one of God’s chosen people, holy and “Dearly Loved”.

Prior to going through If Not for Grace’s “Her Choice to Heal” classes  and “Reconciliation Weekend” retreat, I was in total denial that my abortions affected me.

After all, I was this educated, strong African American woman who was made to conquer the world and any problems presented. (Note: I have since retired my super-hero cape.)

When I grasped the concept that I was “God’s chosen person”, I could no longer decide who deserves kindness and who doesn’t.

God did not do that to me especially, when I did not deserve it; and I wanted to walk like Jesus, as His disciple. I was “chosen”  to cloth myself in compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.


And I pray to be better at it each day.

And, by God’s grace, I moved from , “who me?” to “that’s me.” God drew me to spend time in prayer and studying God’s Word, the Bible. Most of my post-abortive symptoms are healed and they have little to no influence on me.  I have been marked for favor because of the blood shed for me through Christ Jesus.

This healing and wholeness can be yours. Start by entrusting your life to Christ. And, if you haven’t already, get connected with If Not For Grace Ministries. You will encounter women who have walked in your shoes and have discovered the rest and forgiveness He brings.

Melissa Williams

Melissa Williams, is a dear sister in Christ. She previously was a participant and has also served on staff as Director of Ministry Services. She also wrote our February Devotional which you can read here

Clothed in Patience

Clothed in Patience

The Colossians 3:12-14 passage expresses that God has chosen us to be His people, to represent Him in this world, at this time. Added to that privilege is that He has made us holy—set apart and sanctified for His purpose—and dearly loved by Him.

So, what are we to do in response to this?“Clothe ourselves.”

This is an intentional act of the will and a spiritual act of the Holy Spirit. It’s a picture of us choosing to walk in the Spirit and in so doing, being conformed to the image of His Son.

In a culture that is so divisive, even within the Church, we are called to be different than the world and to respond like Christ.

One of the most divine things we do is to “clothe ourselves” with patience.

As I have been going through “Living Beyond Yourself:  Exploring The Fruit of Spirit” by Beth Moore, I’ve learned some new things about patience.

The Greek word for patience used in this passage is Makrothumia – a quality of the fruit of the Spirit toward people.

This divine patience is inspired by mercy. It’s devoid of condemnation and evidence of the presence and power of our Holy God within us.

Have you ever thought long and hard about God’s mercy? He shows incredible patience toward us as Psalm 103:10 says,“He does not treat us as our sins deserve…”and His purpose for His patience revealed in 2 Peter 3:9b,“He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish but everyone to come to repentance.”

This patience is the opposite of judgement.

Makrothumia toward others results from being filled with the Holy Spirit.If we are going to become vessels of God’s patience, we must allow the Holy Spirit to rid us of judgment toward others.

When I meet with women who are struggling from abortion, one of their greatest fears is being judged and rejected.

How we respond to circumstances—like abortion—is important, but how we respond to people is pivital. God always chooses people over circumstances.

This is one reason INFG provides a safe, confidential place for women, and men, to process through their pain.

In a judgment-free, loving, patient environment, these individuals can see God’s mercy and grace toward them, receive His forgiveness and be freed to live the abundant life Jesus came for them to have.

They begin to understand that they too, are dearly loved.

Jama Edlund, our beloved Her Choice to Heal coordinator, can be found, with her husband Jeff, exploring her new beautiful country homestead. She also proudly goes by the name MeMa! 

God is calling Jama to a new adventure! Click here to read more....

Heart of Humility, April 2019 Devotional

As we marinate on Colossians 3:12 this year, we unearth a commandment to clothe ourselves in humility.

  • In Phillipians 2:3, we learn humility is about counting others more significant than yourself.

  • In Proverbs 11:2, we discover it is the opposite of pride and the beginning of wisdom.

  • 1 Peter 5:5 explains humility requires us to listen and respect those wiser than us.

  • Isaiah 66:2 tells us God will look upon those contrite in spirit and those who tremble at His word.

God treasures authentic humility.


A true humble heart knows its own depravity and brokenness. A humble heart hungers for purity, wholeness and truth. A contrite heart braves rejection of man for the truths of God.

When Isaiah approaches God’s throne, he is completely floored and overwhelmed. “Woe to me!” I cried. “I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips.” His heart grieves. He fully sees his depravity before a holy God. 

Young king Solomon, knowing that he can’t rule wisely, humbly asks for wisdom. Instead of asking for power and wealth, he is deeply concerned for the well-being of the people he rules. 

In both stories of humility, God provides abundant Grace (God’s undeserved mercy and favor) and blessing. 

Humility is not for the light-hearted. It takes great strength and courage. 


The abortion-wounded woman braves the hard truth and grief of her abortion. 
She becomes aware of the depravity of her decision. 
Then… she boldly and humbly walks to the throne and leaves it at His feet. 

The beautiful fruit... She receives the unmerited favor God has provided in Jesus.


It is here, that we walk WITH her, to the throne, knowing we are equal in our brokenness before Him. 
It is here, we lock arms with her. Embracing. Loving. Supporting. 
It is here, we hope and pray. 
It is here, we have the privilege of seeing God treasure authentic humility. 

And it is here, we begin to see His restoration of broken-hearts destroyed by abortion. 

Always in Him, 

rhana :) 

Rhana Castle, our communications specialist, can be found with her husband Charlie, doting over her precious (aka spoiled) beagles, Ginger and Sherlock. In the meantime, at the office, she wrangles pretty pictures for social media posts and navigates INFG's database.

"Forbearing one another", March 2019 Devotional

Occasionally I have been asked WHY I volunteer for a ministry that focuses on the abortion-wounded, when I have never experienced that particular pain or loss.

Part of the answer can be found in the admonition provided in Colossians 3:13, “forbearing one another" (KJV). 

According to Strong’s concordance, forbearing is much more than just tolerating someone else. It gives the word picture of holding oneself up against another. 

Placing myself in such proximity means that WE walk side by side, hip to hip, arms linked. I become intimately connected to you and I will love you more deeply.


If I love you, I will forgive you, protect you and pray for you… and more.

My role as a volunteer is simply to provide logistical, practical support to those who do the heart-to-heart ministry for the abortion-wounded. 

Even so, my ability to lighten their load, allows them to bear with the wounded more freely. It’s win-win!

My two years volunteering have really opened my eyes to the need for this ministry. 

Most pastors have not been specifically trained to counsel those afflicted with post abortion syndrome (which leads today's function of every description including drugs/alcohol, depression, etc.). 

Consequently, pastors get stuck dealing with the symptoms without addressing the cause. 

Statistics tell us that nearly 1 of 4 women has suffered through an abortion. Men often grieve, too. 

I often wonder how many people are sitting in a congregation, silently suffering, with no one to talk about their grief, loss or despair openly?


That’s when I ask, how could I NOT want to help? 


Vicki Merriott graciously keeps the INFG office team organized and in tip-top shape. She's not just a volunteer. She's a sister in Christ. She's simply incredible and we are proud to be able to work side-by-side with her.  She can also be found exploring and traveling the States with her beloved husband.  

INFG's 2019 Focus: A letter from the Executive Director

Dear faithful Friends, Volunteers and Donors,

In January, the INFG team spent a few days in prayer and conversation around where we believe God is directing us for this year. Our leadership retreat theme was “Love is an Open Door” carrying out the overall theme of “Dearly Loved”.

We explored ways to make INFG more accessible to women and asked the question, “How does the door to INFG welcome women?”

As a result of our prayer and thought, we committed to a laser focus, on the abortion wounded woman, who is longing for restoration and recovery. Here are a few highlights:

  • We want every woman to know she is welcome. This means that some women may come through our door without the knowledge or a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And, this means we are going to prepare ourselves and facilitators in ways to navigate conversations where women of varying faith experiences can learn and grow in their knowledge of Jesus, some for the very first time.

  • Because we want to see more women reached in 2019, we are committed to updating and strengthening our Facilitator training and the tool used at HCTH classes.

  • We are taking extra measures to connect with her via personalized contacts, events and fairs, and making our classes available in new ways, including piloting domestic and international online classes.

  • Our laser focus has also motivated us to examine ways to welcome her through the open door of Reconciliation Weekend. Women who have participated in a recovery class, such as Her Choice to Heal or another resource, will be invited to attend INFG’s Reconciliation Weekend to extend the healing and discover God is in this intimate setting.

  • Because ongoing connection within a community setting is pivotal to a woman’s healing journey, we will expand opportunities for Next Step Bible Studies through Bible-believing churches, including an easy to access online list of studies already offered by these partner churches.

  • Finally, we know that her connection with If Not For Grace readily occurs via social media, video, and our website, We aim to increase our efforts to make her aware of us. We want women to know that when they are ready to heal, we are here. This means we will feature restoration stories to reinforce that she is never alone. Not ever.

  • Of course, all of these efforts only happen with a strong foundation of Prayer and Listening to God. We are a team: Staff, volunteers, friends - people just like you who want to see more women healed from their past. We are in process of reigniting the Community Awareness Team and a Development Plan to fund these efforts.

Thank you for your ongoing love for If Not For Grace. And, thank you for giving your time, talent, and treasure. God sees all that you sacrificially give. God bless you, each one.

You are chosen, holy, and dearly loved by God,


Cheryl Lee Davis
Executive Director
If Not For Grace Ministries

"Therefore", February Devotional 2019


Therefore... It’s not a word that normally ignites a lot of emotion. 

Therefore... I’ve heard many bible teachers explain, when you see that word, it is “there” “for” a reason.

Fast forward to our INFG staff meeting when tears bolted from my eyes after I went to the 11th verse after reading Col. 3: 12. 

“…In this new life, it doesn’t matter if you are a Jew or a Gentile, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbaric, uncivilized, slave or free. Christ is all that matters and He lives in all of us.” (NLT)

For most of my life, I carried burdens that God did not intend for me to bear. 

I was born in an era that declared me unfit to swim in pools with people who were not my skin tone. 

My gender was the reason that I could not be hired for certain positions. 

And I hid behind the shame of aborting children who I felt would bring shame on an already hopeless existence, all contributed to what little perceived self-worth I had. 

Then came Christ…

Therefore… since this is a new life in Christ I have accepted, it doesn’t matter what skin tone I am, it doesn’t matter if I’m a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter what the world said that I was. 

Jesus Christ is all that matters, and guess what? You’re good enough for Him to live in you! (Insert praise-a-thon/shoutfest)


I invite you, my dearly loved friends to therefore, put on compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, gentleness, and patience. God’s heart for the abortion-wounded is the only thing that matters is Him. 

He forgives you... and he wants to live inside of you. 


Melissa Williams is our Director of Ministry Services. She can be reached at

Dearly Loved, January Devotional 2019


Prayer is central. It is our lifeline to God. 

Through prayer we discover God’s character and His unconditional love and faithfulness. And, through prayer, our faith is strengthened, our reliance on God deepened, and we learn that all of who we are is because of all of who He is. 

Thank you for faithfully praying for If Not for Grace Ministries. 



“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.” — Colossians 3:12-14

As we anticipate 2019, we ask God to help us understand that we are chosen by God, holy because of what Christ accomplished, and we are dearly loved by our faithful God. It is our desire that every woman would know these beautiful truths. This year we want to steep in this truth. We are dearly loved. 

What would that look like if every abortion-wounded woman saw herself as dearly loved? How might we respond as facilitators, affiliates, staff, and volunteers if we lived our life with this great confidence. 

Each month, we will take a close look at some of the truths in this passage. Let’s pray that our hearts will be readied to hear what God has for us. Let’s ask God to help us receive this powerful message that we are, indeed, chosen, holy and dearly loved. 

When have you felt dearly loved? 

This week look for ways to help the women around you know they are loved. It starts with praying for her. Ask God to put one woman on your mind who you can pray for every day. Perhaps that will look like opening your heart to become a facilitator so others can discover Christ’s amazing love. 

As we begin 2019, I am so grateful to be part of If Not For Grace Ministries! Thank you for your warm welcome. And thank you for asking God to bless and guide us each step of the way! 

May God fill you with His perfect love and hope this season! 


Cheryl Lee Davis is our Executive Director and can be reached at