A letter from my child in heaven... and the difference that INFG made.

Happy Set Free Mother’s Day!

Oh, mom! I have seen the hurt and pain you have gone through over the years! The confusion and turmoil that dwelled within you as you spun on the decision over, over, and over again. I know how you wished you knew I was a real baby and not a blob of tissue as they told you. I know how you wished you had the courage to stand up to those who would condemn you for having me (who today, would condemn you for not having me).

Oh, mom, I can see how you were raised to strive, to drive, to accomplish and only saw me as your failure—the hindering block to your future. I know at the time your only moral compass was that it was “legal.” Little did you know, that while this was all happening your loving Savior was drawing you closer. I also see as you grew to know better, so did the excruciating pain inside of you.  

Oh, mom, I have seen your nightmares of burying me in the backyard, and the lack of intimate, loving relationships because of your secrecy of who you really are.

Oh, mom, the pain had been stuffed so deep, you did not even kw how to feel, and now I see how the Lord’s work through “If Not For Grace” has brought much relief.

No more condemnation,
no more fear that others might find out that I am really here.  
No more living in bondage;
you’ve been set free,
and I can see your new found freedom in how you help others be free.   

Oh, mom, the grace of love is beautiful inside of you, and others can see how it has grown in you. Your light shines so brightly for all to see. "Why?" they ask. I know it is your love for me.    

Oh, mom, I am so glad you can see now who I am, I love you today as I did then. Continue your work to help another see, God’s loving forgiveness, grace, and mercy.

Oh, mom, I celebrate this first Mother’s Day with you set free, as you rejoice in your father’s love. Don’t hurry to see me, for I am in a place where love abounds. I long for you as much as you yearn to hold me in your arms. I look forward to our time together one day, but until then I celebrate who you’ve become.

Your child in heaven