Transformed for Next Steps

Vicki Gregg

Live the Transformed Life of Barbara Butterfly

The vision of INFG is to enable abortion-wounded women, men, and families to live authentic, abundant lives; mobilizing them for Kingdom expanding work. This transformational process is outlined in Ephesians 4:20-24 and facilitated through our Next Steps services.        

What does living an authentic life mean?

Living an authentic life is an awareness and acceptance of your strengths and weaknesses. Being authentic means being true and real to who you are with yourself and others.  Since Christ was perfect, our goal as Christians, is to be like Christ. However, there can be a tendency to go through life trying to be perfect, presenting ourselves perfect to others. Being perfect is a deceptive trap of the evil one. The enemy tells us lies to cause us to be in self-denial and uses the fear of rejection to stop us from being real. Pretending entangles us in perfectionism, inhibits our growth in Christ and hinders us from being all God has called us to be. As we surrender our brokenness, identify our hurt and pain, God can use our life stories to help others grow in Christ.  

What does it look like to live an abundant life?

The world will tell us living an abundant life is more about a successful career, the size of our homes, driving nice cars, taking fancy vacations, having good looks, and the accumulation of nice toys. However, abundant life is what we receive as a gift from the Lord. We are to live as good stewards of the blessings of God. It is having the mind of Christ, living not from our desires but the guidance of Spirit and pouring into the lives of others through what we have received. Abundant life is marked by the blessings of God (Ephesians 1:4-13, His grace, mercy, redemption, forgiveness, wisdom, etc.) and the fruits of the Spirit. As an individual brought up with a mindset of worldly success, it took me a while to understand what was really important in life and what true success meant. Even with the knowledge of God’s Word, it took me many years to take the steps to change my life, have the faith to know He will carry me through and resist the lies of the evil one so I could live an abundant life.

How can I understand my purpose and be mobilized for His Kingdom expanding work?

Once we understand what it means to live an authentic and abundant life, actively seeking further growth in Christ, our purpose becomes clearer. We know we are to love others and share the good news. Loving others and sharing the good news is our God-given purpose. He gives each one of us gifts to use for the benefit of others. As God restores and the transformational work of the Holy Spirit impacts our lives, He empowers us to be vessels He can work through. He gives us more insight, opportunity, and expands our area of influence.

What are INFG’s Next Steps? What is the objective/goal and benefits of engaging in this service?

As the Director of Ministry Services, my passion is to see the Vision realized through our Next Steps services. Next Steps will provide a safe environment to be authentic, the ability to partner with a mentor to guide and support you through a personalized curriculum of studies to facilitate transformational growth. Our goal is to come alongside God by providing the means to build up an Army of Living Stones. As noted in 1 Peter 2, as we come to Christ, the living stone, we are chosen for a high calling to become instruments to do God’s work and to tell others of the night and day difference He made for us. 

Confidential Safe Environments

  • To continue to provide YOU with a safe place so you can test out your wings and begin the flight of freedom.

Individualized Bible Study Curriculum

  • To provide topical Bible Study curriculum which will address specific obstacles to each person’s growth and ability to reach the vision. We want to partner with you to devise a personal development plan to help you overcome the evil one and his efforts to stop you from living the abundant life God has planned for you.

Group Bible Studies

  • To provide trained facilitators to lead you through God’s Word so you can go deeper and allow God to transform you into all God has called you to be. Through partnerships with churches our vision is to see group Bible studies through the KC Metro area.

Mentorship/Small Group Leaders

  • To offer personal 1:1 mentoring or small group discussions to encourage and guide participants through their personal growth journey. We see the value and importance of providing a mentor/coach in helping participants reach their full potential and God-given purpose.


  • To continually deliver, fun, social events in a casual setting that foster an ongoing community of grace, healing, and connection. Bible study facilitators, mentors and past participants of the Her Choice to Heal classes and Reconciliation Weekends are encouraged to attend. Woman are grateful for a safe place to CONNECT in authentic community with those who have a shared story and passion.

I encourage you to ignite or continue in your growth process. YOU are always welcome—no matter when you began your journey!  Become Barbara Butterfly--live a transformed life and all God has for you. 

If you are interested in assisting in any area of our Next Steps services, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at or if you are interested in supporting INFG’s services financially, click on the Donate & Get Involved tab.